Google Analytics
I love this tool beside that it\’s FREE! Google Analytics will show you how many hits, what pages are hit, how long a user stays on the site, keyword, etc… Basically this tool generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. Interested? Sign up for an account (it\’s free) and we can help added the script to your website.

Are you curious to know what a blog is? It’s a personal journal for an individual or company accessible via the web. Why do you need one? Well some people use it to post upcoming events, new products or advices. Easiest and quickest way to start bloging is thur one of our pre-made blog templates. Contact Us for more information.

There are tons of fonts out there on the web. Which font(s) will work for your site? Take a look at some of the most common web safe fonts.

Submit Your Site
Popular search engines: Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL. Search engine job is to index all the content available on a website. To help it along – submit your website.

There are many other search engines out there on the web.

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